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Christine in New Jersey has a Cushman dining room suite that has been in her family for about 70 years. She told us, “We have a lot of great memories from time spent around this table.” There are 10-pieces that she would like to sell to one buyer. They include:

Dorset Cross Stretcher Table #5-45 (1935)
5 Malden Chairs #4-24 (1934-59)
1 Malden Arm Chair #4-24A (1934-59)
Easter Shore Corner Cupboard #7045 (1937-39)
Woodford Dresser #4-179 (1934-41)
Brookhouse Hutch #1023 (1941)

She is anxious to sell and has a timeframe that she needs it to happen by. BEST OFFER received by 11:59 pm on 12/07/2016. Buyer must pick up in New Jersey on or before 12/10/2016. Reach her by email at